I have been given a task to produce a set design which is based on the film called, "Little Shop of Horrors." As the set design is very important within theatres I am expected to create a stage which meets all of the requirements of the film as well as 1950's New York. During the process of organising an outstanding stage for an audience, I will be noting down key aspects of my planning. This includes the production of the design and as much research as possible. Also, it is essential to communicate with all members of my group and sharing new ideas. I will ensure that my ideas are original and I am asking opinions from my teacher and client. I am looking forward to creating an exciting design for the stage and an outcome I can proudly reflect on.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mindmap & Moodboard

It is important to be aware of the film before creating a set design. I intend to do enough research to gain ideas of how the set may look. Firstly, I ensured I knew what the film was actually about before gaining ideas. Therefore, I watched Little Shop of Horrors so I could become familiar of the storyline and also note down the historic detail. I could also write down what shows the film is set in a 1950 New York theme. This helped me gain knowledge and I will be using this to make a mood board for inspiration and visualising historic detail.


A mood board is often an illustrated poster created by designers working in various creative industries to help them or their client develop a specific theme or style. This is done by combining images that has features or colour that the client is interested in. The outcome of a mood board is a collage which enables them to determine how they want their final product to look. Also the client can analyse the mood board and decide whether they like the main concept the board signifies. 
As my task was to create a mood board for 1950's New York I collected images from search engines on the internet such as Getty images and Google. The reason why I used these research tools was because it was efficient and I can quickly recognise information on New York in 1950. For best results, it was important to pick out specific key words which are relevant for the mood board. Therefore I searched phrases such as cobble streets and decaying wood work. These words were selected from the mind map to help me select images.
Looking through the images I noticed the visual mood for 1950 New York was poverty and made aware of how life was for the working class people. Also, the colours were dull and uninteresting meaning life was often unhappy due to poverty. I could see from the images that buildings were poorly built as they contained cracks and dirt. The images I selected to be included in my mood board were chosen as they gave me inspiration on how the set design would be visualised. 

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