I have been given a task to produce a set design which is based on the film called, "Little Shop of Horrors." As the set design is very important within theatres I am expected to create a stage which meets all of the requirements of the film as well as 1950's New York. During the process of organising an outstanding stage for an audience, I will be noting down key aspects of my planning. This includes the production of the design and as much research as possible. Also, it is essential to communicate with all members of my group and sharing new ideas. I will ensure that my ideas are original and I am asking opinions from my teacher and client. I am looking forward to creating an exciting design for the stage and an outcome I can proudly reflect on.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I believe the importance of audience is a significant priority because it is their needs and interest that need to be considered whilst producing any production. For any company it is essential for them to want to keep viewers to keep coming back for more than one experience. Whether the production is cheaply built but very successfully performed to the target audience or expensively built but not communicating to the audience they will feel let down because they could not participate and feel confused as the performance was not what they expected. As the target audience for the performance located in the school are students it would be appropriate for their families to watch the evening show with them. Therefore, I make sure everything the team and I make will be liked by both target audience. Instead of focusing on if they will find humorous to the quirky ideas it can be better if we make sure the designs make the families and students feel a nice evening together whilst watching the performance. 

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