I have been given a task to produce a set design which is based on the film called, "Little Shop of Horrors." As the set design is very important within theatres I am expected to create a stage which meets all of the requirements of the film as well as 1950's New York. During the process of organising an outstanding stage for an audience, I will be noting down key aspects of my planning. This includes the production of the design and as much research as possible. Also, it is essential to communicate with all members of my group and sharing new ideas. I will ensure that my ideas are original and I am asking opinions from my teacher and client. I am looking forward to creating an exciting design for the stage and an outcome I can proudly reflect on.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Working Backstage

It was important to make sure everything was organised before the audience started to arrive. As actors were sitting backstage anxious for the performance to begin one of my role was to guide families and students to the hall. When the performance begun I took the responsibility to ensure team members and I was aware when to change the scenery props and to do this quietly and efficient because there is a wide audience behind the closed curtains. Even though, this was rehearsed many times, because of the fact that this was the real performance when I was positioning different props where they should belong I felt tense becuase I knew I had a very quick time-scale to complete this in. It was also important that everything is moved around safely whilst the props are being transferred. The prop plant Audrey which involved a person to wear it as a costume as he was controlling the plant I took the duty to make sure he was in good health by getting enough of a break when he needed to. This meant handing a bottle of water and frequently asking if he felt safe.
From this experience I learnt how to communicate with members of the crew and also stay organised by ensuring all props are there. I enjoyed greeting families and students because it shows that I was excited for the performance as well as putting them feel more enthused

These images show the contrast of different scene changes

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