I have been given a task to produce a set design which is based on the film called, "Little Shop of Horrors." As the set design is very important within theatres I am expected to create a stage which meets all of the requirements of the film as well as 1950's New York. During the process of organising an outstanding stage for an audience, I will be noting down key aspects of my planning. This includes the production of the design and as much research as possible. Also, it is essential to communicate with all members of my group and sharing new ideas. I will ensure that my ideas are original and I am asking opinions from my teacher and client. I am looking forward to creating an exciting design for the stage and an outcome I can proudly reflect on.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Creating a Dentist Chair

As we know, in the film the characters feel fearfull whilst entering the dentist. Therefore, the set of the dentist should look terrifying. Also, the chair should be easily maintained and cheaply built because of the budget. I have researched images of dentistry chairs to help me identify the perfect chair which looks frightful to sit on.

This chair would not be recommeneded for the set. This is becuase it is very basic ad simple which is not creepy as the dentist chair in the set should be.

This chair looks great as it is from the origional musical. It demonstrates terror from the rusty sides and there are componenets attacthed on the edges. As well as this, it does not look like a typical dentistry chair.

I particularly like this chair because it has blood stains splattered all over the chair which emphasises how dreadful this scene would be.

This chair includes all of the correct steel colours which looks rough to sit on. Also, chains are down from the side which is a sign of panic.

Looking at the images I have researched the requirements that would make the dentist chair for the set most suitable and effective.

The Dentist Chair:
  • It may include harsh colours which are black, silver and rusty gold.
  • It could have blood stains all over the chair as well as the walls in the dentist set.
  • Chains can be hanging from the sides of the chair which are loose.

These are the pictures of the final dentist chairs. This included loose objects hanging loose from the chair like the images that I researched. Also, foil was a cheap but effective way to represent steel and rust. Red splattered paint was splashed too which made the chair seem much more frightfull. In my opinon, I think this looks great and sends a message accross to the audience that it was not any ordionary dentist.

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